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Beyond Houses, Dan Hassebrock Knows What it Takes to Build a Home.One look across the greater Houston list of residential contractors would reveal very few who have been in business for more than 35 years, but that’s exactly where you will find Dan Hassebrock.,000 opened a new transitional house for single mothers and provided financial workshops, educational scholarships, computer training and after-school care for women and children living in family shelters. Lawrence River and the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord.Seven Seas originates in the town of Spakenburg, a more than 600 year old fishing village in the Central Part of The Netherlands.In the early Middle Ages, Spakenburg was mostly isolated from the outside world and a very strong fishing tradition took hold.Spakenburg’s location (on an inland saltwater sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean) was ideal for a wind powered fishing fleet.

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We remain informed of the needs of women in our community and are committed to helping provide concrete, lasting solutions to keep women on their feet.Various projects have been exhibited worldwide in important venues and events such as: 2016 Shanghai “Trans-Design” at West Bund Art Centre (where we also curated the spatial design of the section “Ideas in Action”), 14th Venice Architectural Biennale, 2014 "Making Community, Not the Map Nor the Territory” at Manchester Center for Chinese Contemporary Art, 2013 Festival des Architectures Vives of Montpellier, 2012 Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, 2011 Tallinn Architecture Biennale.Since 2005, Women United in Philanthropy has partnered with local organizations dedicated to serving women in Bergen County.Moving on multiple grounds, analyzing, translating and transforming the interrelated peculiarities of performative logics, our work aims at establishing a transitional line of research that oscillates between processual complexities and material economies.The outcome is an expression of formal synergies, a modulation of analogical and digital processes, of diagrammatic and emergent organizations.

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