Characteristics of female perpetrators and victims of dating violence

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More than half (130 of 227) of the violence experienced during college was partner related.Students experiencing partner violence during college were more likely to experience physical and emotional violence and were less likely to experience sexual violence.Transitioning to college may influence adolescents' vulnerability to involvement in violent relationships, as adolescents in an unknown environment may experience isolation as they leave social supports from home.Research suggests that less parental monitoring and the perception of low parental and social support (such as that experienced in the transition to the college environment) are associated with increased violence involvement.All victimization and perpetration rates were highest before college.

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More men perpetrated sexual violence; more women perpetrated physical violence.The survey included demographic questions about gender, age, race, and length of time in school.Validated scales exist to measure relationship violence; however, they are time intensive and ask far more questions than could be answered in the time allotted.In addition, they focus on partner violence, not a broader range of relationships.Constructs from existing scales were used to shape our questions, Physical violence was defined as pushing, grabbing, slapping, choking, or hitting.

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