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Safely building relationships and knowledge about members of both communities without arousing suspicion or compromising my well-being is a difficult task, not to mention building personal and even romantic relations with those around me.In addition, since smartphones have become more ubiquitous than personal computers in Palestinian and Israeli society, their owners have been afforded independent and private Internet use.We are no longer living in the days of fieldwork as a remote exile of Malinowskian standards.While loneliness in the field may be inevitable, smartphones and social media have also changed the way we conduct fieldwork – we have to work a lot harder to distance ourselves from our friends and family if we conduct our research abroad.The ADF’s most recent move has been to serve as co-counsel in the defense of Mississippi’s HB1523 or “License to Discriminate” bill, which uses religious freedom rights as a way for businesses to deny equal service to patrons.

Imagine the kind of safe, manageable contact with new people you might have.

Where activism is concerned, the ADF is no stranger to a history of stepping in to throw their support behind individuals like Phillips who use religious freedom as cause for discrimination and denial of service.

Originally founded in 1993 by Christian rightists James Dobson, Alan Sears, and D.

While it might be difficult to imagine something as seemingly inoffensive as cake stirring up controversy, it turns out it can when sexuality is involved, especially when a time-honored hate group is putting its full weight behind the cause.

This is precisely what one Colorado baker’s now-infamous decision not to serve a gay couple cake has done in recent years.

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