Is 18 too young for online dating

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Mind you, I think I was extremely lucky to have met him on it, because the vast majority of guys in my age range on there were exactly like the boring, immature, just-after-sex kind of guys I hated in high school - which was why I never dated in HS and wanted to give online dating a try!

There are even special rules to calculate exactly how many years apart two people can be and still have it be socially acceptable.

We’re here to help you figure out just how young is too young: While a few years difference in age is seldom a major issue between two people, those who are many years or even decades apart may experience some unique challenges.

For example, there could be lifestyle choices, career or family conflicts, or significant cultural and generational differences.

One such example of a formula says to divide your age by two and add seven years to determine the minimum appropriate age of a potential dating partner.

Some people simply believe if they are old enough to have been the parent of the person they are considering dating, then that person is off limits.

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