Single börsen Leipzig

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Das Mittagessen ist vegetarisch und wird vom Restaurant „Macis“ gekocht.

Mitten auf einem Highway in der US-Großstadt beginnt das Auto von Kate Mc Clure zu stottern. Die 27-Jährige parkt ihren Wagen am Straßenrand und macht sich allein und im Dunkeln auf den Weg zur nächsten Tankstelle.

The function is taken as the ability to reproduce a fixed point under a discrete Boolean dynamics.

Comparing with an appropriate null model we do not find evidence that the yeast wildtype network is optimized for high knockout resilience.

Our notion of knockout resilience weakly correlates with the size of the basin of attraction, which has also been considered a measure of robustness.

More often than not, detailed knowledge about enhancing or suppressive regulatory influences and cooperative effects is lacking and merely the presence or absence of directed interactions is known.

Here we investigate to which extent such reduced information allows to forecast the effect of a knock-out or a combination of knock-outs.

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