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If you’ll be traveling and have some free time in a city, ask your fans if anyone wants to do lunch.

Why wouldn’t you want a free lunch with people who think you’re the next coming of Meryl?

Ashley Jones has a blog with lifestyle tips and insight into her family life. Being really active on social media while still being authentic to yourself (ugh, why is everyone else so much funnier?

Chyler Leigh is a dedicated straight ally with an ebullient, optimistic streak. ) takes effort and learning, but Negovanlis has just shy of 100,000 Twitter followers and isn’t even on a broadcast TV show, proving that your popularity isn’t just tied into how big a network you’re on. The smallest of gestures towards individual fans can have huge effects in those fans’ lives.

Show your fans that you’re just as happy to see your characters on screen as they are and cheerlead your storyline.

Work with your fellow actress to give fans an “inside peek” into how you two are enjoying your pairing.

The argument for conscientious engagement with LGBT fans isn’t speculative or based just on emotional fulfillment (which you should get no matter what).

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What these tweets represent to me is that for a fraction of a second, I existed in the consciousness of these actresses.At a Xena fan convention, I once met a nice lesbian couple who had been invited to tea at the home of Claire Stansfield, who played Alti on “Xena: Warrior Princess,” so I know it can be done.Seek out fan events and go to them even if you’re not a panelist. So if you don’t know what kind of captain you want to be, find someone whose captaincy you like and follow that pattern.It’s literally written for When reading up, please, please, please read sites like After Ellen.AE has been around for a decade and a half, and it is our primary mandate to look at the representation of lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment.

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